Obamacare: Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015

Obamacare1Due in large part to a lack of clarity among business owners concerning  the actions they must take to prepare for PPAHCA (Obamacare,)  the controversial “employer mandate” has now been delayed until 2015.

The start date of the consumer mandate however has not been delayed so individuals not cocered under an employer provided health plan must purchase health coverage or face fines beginning  in  2014.

For more information please refer to coverage of this developing story in Forbes.com.

The Forbes article asks an important question:

“Now, with the consumer mandate still out there, does this shift an economic burden to uninsured workers or consumers for a year? Or just expand our deficit further? Both? Probably both.”

At the DiSalvo & Company CPA firm, we recognize that “small business is our business” so we are vitally interested in news that affects our clients.  We will be following this story closely, and will do our best to share developments in this story with you as soon as they break.

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