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Budget Battle vs. Stock Market

CNN Money reports that:

Unless a compromise is reached during the next week, the government is poised to shut down at the start of October. While stock market investors don’t typically worry too much about a shutdown, the political wrangling and gridlock ahead of the the budget as well as the looming debt ceiling deadline may cause some volatility in the stock market and other markets, according to experts.

“We suspect a budget showdown in Washington will likely weigh on global markets for the next several weeks,”

~ Craig Johnson, senior technical research strategist at Piper Jaffray.

The budget fight overshadowed positive global economic news, as new data from HSBC showing China’s manufacturing sector expanded at the fastest pace in six months.

Budget Battle vs. Stock Market


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Invest in Fun (Fun Stocks Index) For a Healthy Return?

eSagePrime, a financial blog headquartered right here in Vero Beach, published this article last week indicating their own collection of leisure related stocks called the Fun Stocks Index is up 534% since its inception earlier this year.  That’s a great return in anyone’s book.  Hats off to Jim Tso, and the team over at eSagePrime.

Vero Beach company announces Fun Stocks Index up 534%Wow! Bernanke Surprises Stock Market! All-Time Highs Reached by Dow, S&P, and Fun Stocks Indexes (FSI – up to 534%)!

Today the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) that guides our economy with monetary policies announced that it will continue its current level of purchases ($85 B/month) of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage notes in order to lower interest rates and continue stimulating the U.S. economy.  This was a big surprise, since the vast majority of financial gurus had predicted that the amount of FOMC’s purchases would begin to taper down starting today.   [Read More]

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Dave Ramsey: Instilling Values in Teens.

Read this bit of Dave Ramsey wisdom at  Hudson Sun on-line.  I though you might enjoy it.

Dear Dave,

How do you make sure you don’t spoil your child when you’re wealthy?


Dear Ryan,

I know this will sound mean to some people, but you simply explain to them that they are not wealthy.

I remember a time years ago, after we’d gone broke, that we managed to scrimp and save and finally had a little bit of wealth. We bought a nice car and my son piped up from the back seat, all smug and satisfied, “We’re doing pretty good, huh?” I’ll CPA, Melbourne, Titusville, Vero Beachadmit it was kind of funny, but it was also a teachable moment. I looked at him and said, “I’m doing pretty good, but you’re broke!” That was a pretty consistent message around the Ramsey household as the kids were growing up. If you’re not working and making your own way, you’ve got nothing.

The second thing is we taught them, from a very young age, was to work. That can start with simple things like kids cleaning up their rooms or doing the dishes after dinner. It should carry over to the teenage years as well. Every able-bodied child should be working and earning money, whether it’s their own entrepreneurial idea, at a store in the mall or babysitting.

The third thing we did was based in our faith. As evangelical Christians, we taught our kids that we don’t really own anything. It all belongs to God, and one of our jobs is to wisely manage the things He entrusts to us. The first rule is to take care of your own household — the important stuff. After that, it’s okay to have some nice things, but it’s not all about pleasure. It’s also about giving and extraordinary levels of generosity.

Teach them to work. Teach them to be givers. And gently remind them once in a while that they’ve got nothing until they go out and earn it.

— Dave

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Historic Dodgertown; Vero Beach Florida

The Dodgers’ old spring home reclaimed its rightful name Thursday, when former owner Peter O’Malley announced he had struck a licensing agreement that allows him to christen the Vero Beach complex as “Historic Dodgertown.” this according to this LA times newspaper article dated August 29, 2013.

Do you remember when the LA Dodgers use to spend their  spring training here in Vero Beach. Did you miss them when they left for Arizona in 2009?  Are you a Dodger fan today?

Vero Beach Dodgers 02

Now that Frank McCourt, who is thought to be  responsible for moving the Dodgers’ spring training facility to Arizona, is out of the picture, how would it affect Vero Beach if the Dodgers once again moved their spring activities back to Dodgertown, in Vero Beach.  Whether you like the Dodgers as a baseball team or not, I have got to believe it would bring a nice set of benefits back here to Vero Beach.  Maybe a nice little bump in real estate values in Indian River Shores.

If I were a player on the Dodgers, I know I would be pulling for it.  No offense Arizona but no one launches their Grady White, and goes deep sea fishing from the dock in their backyard in your state.

It might be a pipe-dream for those of us here in Vero Beach, but what would it hurt to post a little note on your Facebook page, or tweet on your twitter account, just to let the Dodgers know they would be welcome back anytime.

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