New Techologies Brings New Scams

Not long ago, the Indian River County Sheriffs office presented information to their “Citizens Academy” class on the latest scams being perpetrated on the kind citizens of Vero Beach, and other  Indian River County communities.

They described to the class, one of the newer scams called CryptoLocker.   As we become more and more dependent on our personal computers, some enterprising bad guy figured out how to sneak some bad software onto your computer.  The “malware” will will-you-be-scammed “encrypt,” or lock up your data so that you can not access it anymore unless you pay them a ransom for a key to unlock it again.   Once you pay the ransom, you may or may not get your data back again.

The instructor at the Citizens Academy encourages all of us to report these crimes to authorities  as soon as possible.  Even if they can not help recover your files, they may be able to use the information you provide to help track down the perpetrators and prevent them from attacking someone you love.

We found this article on the subject of financial scams recently in the blog based right here in Vero Beach.  Clearly scams still run rampant in the financial arena where they dwell.  For more information about scams please check out the entire article here.

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