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Northrup Grumman Set to Bring Jobs to Brevard CO.

Brevard County, Florida (May 8, 2014) – The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast has announced that Northrop Grumman Corporation has selected Brevard County for a sizeable expansion that could add  up to 1,800 jobs at full program capacity with an average salary of $100,000 per year.

The effort, known as Project Magellan , is the largest economic development project in the country in terms of job creation numbers and average wage associated with employment. Northrop Grumman plans to invest approximately $500 million in new capital investments at the Melbourne International Airport.

This is a huge victory for families on the Space Coast, “We are excited that Northrop Grumman has decided to expand here in Florida, which could bring up to 1,800 new jobs to Brevard County. We’ve worked to grow jobs and opportunities for Florida families by cutting taxes, paying down debt and cutting government waste – and this announcement is a testament to our success in creating an opportunity economy. This is a huge win, and we’ll continue to build on this success with our recently completed legislative session where we cut $500 million in taxes and fees and made higher education more affordable for every family. These victories will attract more-and-more businesses to the Sunshine State. We must continue to grow our opportunity economy so that companies like Northrop Grumman can continue to create jobs for Florida families.”

~ Rick Scott, ” Governor of Florida

Northrop Grumman Jobs to Brevard, Melbourne, Titusville

The project will roll out in two phases.  Phase One will consist of the construction of an approximately 220,000 square foot building and the addition of 300 jobs by the end of 2015.   If phase one business objectives are achieved, the company will move on to Phase Two with the construction of an additional approximately 500,000 square foot facility and 1,500 more jobs.

Large scale projects like this one often bring much more positive  economic impact to an area like Brevard County than just the direct employment alone.  Each high salary job brings with it a ripple effect because employees have the resources to buy homes, and consume products and services offered by local merchants of all types and sizes.

We at Di Salvo, and Company CPA firm are very happy to hear this news.  DiSalvo and Company CPA, with offices in Melbourne, and Titusville Florida, specializes in providing book keeping, accounting, and tax preparation services for  local merchants so we are pleased to hear any news that may help to make our clients more profitable.  If you own a business in Melbourne, or Titusville, and you would like a free consultation with DiSalvo and Company about your business needs, please contact us at 321-269-0450, or 772-770-6008.
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Fast Food Servers Walk Out for $15 Hr. Minimum Wage

The Space Coast Daily reports today from Brevard County, Florida, that the Service Employees International Union is soliciting backing for a hike in  minimum wages for Fast Food Servers, to $15 per hour.  The video below depicts Florida Union members joining other fast food workers around the nation in demonstrations to garner public support.

Supporters of a raise in the minimum wage argue that it is impossible to raise a family on the current minimum wages paid for work of this type.   Opponents  counter that these jobs are entry level positions intended for students, and singles, that were never meant to meet the needs of couple raising a family.

The team at DiSalvo and Company would love to find a way for everyone to have a good job, that is enjoyable and rewarding,  and will cover their financial needs (like being a CPA.)   But we are also firm believers in the free enterprise system.   All too often attempts by the government to legislate a bigger piece of the pie to one group of citizens, cause unintended consequences that end up limiting opportunity for other groups.  If entry level jobs are legislated to become living wage jobs, what is the effect on the job market for the entry level employee?

Rather then fight for better pay for entry level jobs, we  believe the unions might be better served fighting for better educational opportunities for its members to rise beyond the entry level job to earn a living wage.  Where do you come down on the subject of raising the minimum wage?   If you support a $15 wage for Burger King employees, will  you also support the $9 Whopper that will come along with it?

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