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TeleTech to Add 300 Sales and Service Jobs in Melbourne, Fl.

TeleTech is a leading global provider of analytics driven, Technology enabled, customer experience solutions.  As near as I can tell that is a very fancy way of saying they supply “computerized customer service.”

TeleTech adds 300 jobs in Melbourne, FLThey could be selling door knob polishing kits for all I care, as long as business is good enough to bring 300 new jobs into a job market that badly needs stimulation.

As it turns out, business at TeleTech must be quite good these days because Melbourne is one of several parts of the country where TeleTech is gearing up. A quick Google search reveals that TeleTech is also expanding rapidly in Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas, and  Mexico. Subsidiaries of the company are hiring in other parts of the country as well.

DiSalvo & Company maintains offices in Central Florida including Melbourne, Titusville, and Vero Beach.

According to the TeleTech website, they apply their special “customer experience” skills across many different industries but it is the healthcare industry that brings them to Melbourne. The expansion is primarily in support of two major players in the rapidly changing healthcare market.  I can’t think of an industry more in need of a better customer experience.

We welcome the news for Melbourne. More jobs means a stronger economy which will benefit all of our customers in the Melbourne area.

DiSalvo and Company CPA, with offices in Melbourne, and Titusville Florida, specializes in providing book keeping, accounting, and tax preparation services for  local merchants so we are pleased to hear any news that may help to make our clients more profitable.  If you own a business in Melbourne, or Titusville, and you would like a free consultation with DiSalvo and Company about your business needs, please contact us at 321-269-0450, or 772-770-6008.


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Still Awaiting Your IRS Refund Check?

Are you still waiting and wondering about your refund check from the IRS?  Here is a link to a website that may help you track down  that check.  While you are waiting for the check to show up, take a moment and think about the process of submitting your tax return this year.   Are you happy with the way it went.   Did the “do it yourself” tax tax preparation-VeroBeach-Melbourne-Titusville-FLpreparations software leave you adrift, and wondering at any point?  Did your current tax professional fully understand your situation, and catch all possible deductions for you.

If any part of the process of filing your 2013 tax returns left you dissatisfied with your current arrangement, why not let Pete DiSalvo provide you another option. If you find yourself needing skilled representation before the IRS auditors, let Pete speak with you about providing you expert representation.

Pete DiSalvo, CPA, has been preparing tax returns ranging from the most complicated multi-state filings, to the simplest personal return, for over 30 years.  With offices in Melbourne, Titusville, and Vero Beach, Florida, Pete would love to meet with you and let you know if there is a way for you to have greater piece of mind when it comes to submitting your tax return to the IRS.

To schedule your  free consultation contact Pete DiSalvo, CPA, at 772-770-6008

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