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Tour a $50 Million Mansion in Vero Beach

The certified public accounting firm of DiSalvo and Co., specializes in tax preparation and accounting services for small business owners.  With offices in Vero Beach, Titusville, and Melbourne, FL., we serve customers throughout the Space Coast & Treasure Coast, with clients from Titusville to West Palm Beach.  We love working with small business owners to try to help them become bigger business owners.    We know that part of becoming a big business is the process of imagining and visualization  yourself as a big business owner.   We hope that as you are imagining and visualizing that this video of a stunning little home in Vero Beach will help.


We hope you enjoyed this chance to dream a little and picture the spoils of all your hard work once your business reaches the level of success that affords a little stretch of coast like the one in this video.   We sincerely hope the services we provide will play in important role in maximizing the success of your firm.

Feel free to contact DiSalvo and Company, at our offices in Vero Beach, Titusville, and Melbourne, Florida.  call us today at 772-770-6008.

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Do You HULU?

To this question, a friend replied, “I don’t know, what is HULU?  ”  According to Wikipedia ” Hulu is a website, and over-the-top (OTT) subscription service offering ad-supported on-demand streaming video of TV shows, & movies.  They go on to explain several other categories of digital media that HULU offers such as movie trailers, and behind the scenes footage.   If that does not clear things up for you, what they mean is that HULU provides a library of video content that you can view on your computer, or television, anytime you want.

Under this model, digital content is fed, or “streamed, ”  over the Internet in real time to be displayed on your computer, smart phone, or web enabled device such as a smart blu-ray player.   There are several other players in this market,  Netflix to name just one.   Netflix used to be known for sending out digital media by mail, in the form of a DVD.  Much of Netflix delivered content is now provided  “on-demand” using a similar method of “streaming.”   The streaming method of content delivery offers obvious advantages in terms of convenience and cost savings.

One significant difference between a Netflix and a HULU business model involves the way you pay for the service.  While Netflix is paid for by subscription fees, HULU bases their revenue primarily the old fashion way with  advertising dollars from commercials incorporated into the programming.   Of course there is a HULU Pro plan available that involves a subscription fee in addition to advertising, along with a broader selection of content, and other bells and whistles.

hulu news - from Melbourne, Fl accountant, Pete Disalvo, & Co.Of course with any new method of delivering a product, there are ripples which affect the product itself and those who produce the product.  Streaming services like HULU and Netflix are indeed creating ripples in the pond.  If money is being generated by new ways of distribution of their products, they want to make sure they are getting their share of the new pie.   Content producers are reevaluating their fee schedule, and raising prices wherever possible.  In response, larger players  like Netflix are  experimenting  with the production of their own original content as an alternative to paying higher fees for the content they distribute.

Regardless of the tug ‘o’ war going on over entertainment content, the cost to consumers for these services  is still relatively low.  These services provide the consumer another possible solution in the age old challenge  of “over 500 channels and nothing good to watch. ”  If you wish to try out a demonstration of the free level of  the HULU system, follow this link to view episodes of the Dave Ramsey Show.

This information about hulu is brought to you by the accounting firm of DiSalvo and Co.    DiSalvo & Company, with offices in Vero Beach, Titusville, and Melbourne, FL, is endorsed by Dave Ramsey to provide tax preparation, and accounting services for individuals and small businesses in the Indian River and Brevard County areas.  We are dedicated to meeting the accounting and tax planning needs of small business and individuals throughout the Space Coast and Treasure Coast, with clients from Titusville to West Palm Beach.

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What is Forensic Accounting?

According to Wikipedia, the word “forensic” means “suitable for use in a court of law.”  It follows then, that a forensic accounting would deal with financial matters that may become material facts in a court proceeding.   Criminal cases which may require a forensic accountant may include determining the extent of financial damages due to forensic accountant vero beach, Floridafraud, or tracking down the proceeds of a crime to assist in he recovery of assets.   A forensic accountant may also be useful in civil cases to determine the value of a company when a dispute may exist, or to establish assets to ensure an equitable settlement in marital, or family law proceedings.

In this era of automation and computerization, a forensic accountant must be extremely knowledgeable and comfortable with technology as much as accounting rules, economic theory, and financial reporting systems.  A forensic accountant must often find assets that were meant to be well hidden.

As a Certified Public Accountant, with the AICPA designation, DiSalvo and Company are qualified to offer expert testimony in any US court.  If you, or someone you know has a need for a Forensic Accountant in the Central Florida Area, please don’t hesitate to contact DiSalvo and Company for a consultation about the particulars of your case.

DiSalvo and Company, Certified Public Accountants,  specialize in offering all types of  accounting services for the entrepreneurial to enterprise level business.  DiSalvo and Company, Certified Public Accountants maintains offices in Vero Beach, Titusville, and Melbourne, Florida for your convenience.  Why not give us a call today.

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