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Happy Holidays from DiSalvo & Company, CPA

The entire team at Peter DiSalvo & Company, Certified Public Accountants wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

The end of the year is a great time to look back and be grateful for all the wonderful things that happened in our businesses and our lives during the year. Many of us were blessed with another opportunity to spend time with friends and family throughout the year. We can also look back and be thankful for the financial rewards for our successes, as well as the lessons learned from the near misses.

The end of the year is also a great time to look forward to the coming year. This is a great time to begin setting our goals, and making plans for an even better year ahead. You may be aware that there are many things you can do before the year end that will save you money or add to your success next year. Now is the perfect time to make donations to a charity, or pay upcoming expenses in the current year so that they can be deducted sooner rather than later.

DiSalvo & Company, CPA would love to meet you and discuss the actions you may take before the year end to set you up for more success in the coming year.

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Happy Holidays from DiSalvo & Company, Certified Public Accountants

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Quickbooks By Intuit

QuickBooks accounting software is ubiquitous in the small to mid size business community. Between the computer based system that operates on your office computer, and the more recent QuickBooks On-Line version, that is accessible from anywhere, the QuickBooks brand has a significant piece of the accounting software market.  Intuit, the folks quickbooks-bookkeeping software Vero Beach, Titusville, Melbourne, FLbehind QuickBooks, have released the results of a study that shows small business owners consider themselves somewhat financially illiterate.

The results of the study also showed the following trends:

81% handle their business’ finances themselves.
69% have never taken a loan for their small business.
66% wish they knew more about their finances.
39% do not follow financial news.
Only 38% think their employees understand their business’ finances.
28% of small businesses are in debt.

In response to these findings, Intuit will unveil a new interactive tool Specially designed to encourage business owners to explore and improve their financial literacy. The Financial Literacy tool explores all aspects of business accounting and prompts users to test their knowledge with questions, explanations and topic-specific resources that may help them learn more about how to create and use financial statements to improve their business.

The experts at DiSalvo & Company, CPA are fully qualified to assist you with Quickbooks accounting support for your business, with services ranging from setting up QuickBooks software, training your staff, to handling your accounting tasks completely. If by chance your accounting system consists of receipts in a shoebox, please give DiSalvo & Company, CPA a call to explore a better option. DiSalvo & Company, CPA

Here is a nice little tutorial for those who may be new to QuickBooks Accounting Software.

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