Central Florida Home Prices Rise, But…

Although real estate prices have risen nationwide for 33 consecutive months as of November, 2014, the pace of the increase has begun to slow.  According to figures released from industry expert, CoreLogic,  states with the most rapid slowing of growth include Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

CoreLogic’s CEO said:

The pace of home price gains have slowed as we exit 2014 but this is probably only a temporary lull. … [W]e believe that prices will be up a year from now as continued economic growth fuels buyer confidence and their willingness to purchase a home and invest in their future.

CoreLogic expects December 2014 figures to indicate a small decrease in real estate prices nationwide, when compared to November 2014.  However, they expect to be up by more than 4% by November of this year.
US Housing Market News from DiSalvo & Company, CPA Vero Beach, Titusville, and Melbourne, FLThere are of course, many factors that drive home prices in a market like Florida.   We at DiSalvo  & Co, CPA, like our chances for a bump this year.  It’s too soon to predict how the state economy and job market will fare, but with temperatures dropping into the low teens and single digits in much of the North today, we believe many will eye the Sunshine State, as an attractive option.  In influx of visitors to Florida, looking to escape the cold, cant help but factor into the supply and demand equation for Florida homes.
We have noticed a serious scarcity of rental homes here in the Vero Beach area.   It might be a good time for investors to take another look at the local market.  Of course we always recommend that you speak to your financial planner to determine if real estate investments would be a suitable risk for your diversified portfolio.   If you don’t have a financial planner that you trust, why not give my friend Andrew Streeter a call over at Edward Jones, 772 231 1020.
If you want to learn more about opportunities in the real estate market in your area, consider speaking with  Steve Rennick,  at Rennick Realtors and Auctioneers. 
Of course if you would like to learn about the tax benefits of owning investment property, please give DiSalvo & Company a call for a free consultation.
Bye the way, there may still be actions you can take to reduce your tax bill for 2014.  Please call us for a free consultation.  DiSalvo and Company is highly skilled in tax planning, and tax preparation for both individuals and businesses.   DiSalvo and Company maintains offices in Vero Beach, Titusville, and Melbourne, Florida for your convenience.

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