Why Start Your Own Business?

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I can tell you why I started my own business. I like controlling the quality of the work I do.I like the feeling of accomplishment I get with a job well done. I like surrounding myself with good people whom I have chosen to hire and associate my name with.

Why do you want to start your own business. What made you so sure that leaving the weekly paycheck and paid vacations behind was a good thing?

I once had a chat with a lady in a coffeehouse who  had all the wrong ideas about starting her own business. She had decided that having her own business would be so much easier than working for someone else. She could come into work when she felt like it, take time off if she wanted, not have to answer to anyone. She started to give me an anxiety attack. I wanted to say to her, in your own business none of those things will happen most of the time!

First of all, yes, you can come in when you want. You can come in at 6 am and you can leave at 10 pm. That sounds about right doesn’t it? If you really want to do well in your first couple of years, you will probably come in at 5 am and leave at midnight, and for special projects you might not get home for a few days. Leaving a change of clothes at the office is a good idea.

Unless you have a trust fund or you have saved up at least a year’s worth of earnings plus a contingency fund, money will be tight, so moving in with a roommate is probably the best choice, because I guarantee you that most of your money will go back into the business at first. Hiring staff to help you keep up with growing demands for your good or services will be more important than a beach house.

So why start your own business? Only you can answer that questions. But before you actually do start your own business, which here at DiSalvo & Company we think is a great idea, come and meet with us. We specialize in helping people form their new business venture. And we can keep your books for you, help you to decided if and when to incorporate. All the things you should know before you go out and rent a huge office space and buy brand new furniture.

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