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At DiSalvo And Company we  understand the financial challenges that a non-profit organization must deal with. At DiSalvo and company we have years of experience in non-profit accounting services for charities, churches, and schools. You could say it is one of our specialties. And because we have worked with so many different types of non-profit organizations, we can  relate to your needs and find practical solutions to any problems you may encounter. We know that funding is critical for any non-profit, and providing financial transparency for grantors and lenders is key to obtaining donations. With our support, your members and donors will feel confident that your financial system is reliable and your data is irreproachable.

At our firm, our staff knows that keeping on top of your finances is vital, and to that end we’ve developed customized reporting methods that provide a clear picture of your assets and expenses. These reports are designed to let you track where your money is going so you can carefully monitor expenses and keep costs down. We’ll also help you find efficient ways to exercise internal controls that will prevent fraud.

Best of all, with our assistance you can stop worrying about confusing tax compliance requirements. When the IRS hands down changes to tax laws that could affect non-profits, we’re on top of it. We’ll offer sound advice on how to avoid unwanted scrutiny from the IRS and how to steer clear of any income-generating activities that could incur tax liability. We’ll also prepare your Form 990 tax return at year-end and file it electronically.

Our accounting and tax services for non-profit organizations include:

We are here to help you while you help others. Give us a call, set up an appointment, let’s get something put together for you and your Non-Profit today.

Pete DiSalvo, CPA

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Student Debt

Vero Beach CPA, Titusville CPA, Accounting services Vero BeachSince the year 2000, the number of students who took out loans to pay for their education rose to 42 million. The dollar amount is now approaching 1.1 trillion dollars. It is believed that the recession caused more students to borrow than would have normally. Continue reading

Our Accounting Services

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As you prepare for the end of another great year, we would like to let you know that DiSalvo and Associates has all of your accounting needs covered. We offer:

Peter A. (Pete) DiSalvo, CPA  the leader of our firm, has been an accounting and tax professional for over 30 years. Pete and his staff  work primarily with small and medium sized businesses and individual clients. Pete is active in his community and he and his associates value the relationships they have built serving businesses in Indian River and Brevard County. It has always been his mission to serve local businesses. Pete graduated Upon  from Florida Atlantic University in 1981 and hung out his shingle. He became a Florida Certified Public Accountant in 1984 and has been going strong ever since.

His firms provides all facets of accounting services, from  bookkeeping, compilation and review services for all different types of businesses including banks, construction companies, physicians, lawyers, automobile dealers, wholesale and retail distributors. He also works various  Homeowners Associations and more, but his area of expertise remains  Small to Medium sized family businesses.

Everyone here at DiSalvo & Company, CPA’s wishes all of you the Happiest of Holiday Seasons this year, and we hope to see you before next year!!

DiSalvo CPA


Sage Advice from Dave Ramsey

business advice, book keeping, quickbooks consulting, new business owners Vero BeachIt is no secret that I admire Dave Ramsey, and at this time of year, most of us are reaching the beginning of our busiest time here in Indian River County. For many of the businesses I work with, business is better than it has been in years. That relieves us of some of the financial stress we may have faced in the past seven years, but now we have a whole different kind of stress, the kind where it becomes more difficult to balance everything that is going on in our lives. I thought this post from Dave Ramsey might just give us some food for thought.

“5 Traits of Fulfilled People

You know them when you see them.

They’re those people who are always cheerful and smiling. They’re the ones who rarely complain, and everything they touch seems to turn to gold. They’re successful yet humble, influential yet compassionate. And the thing is, that’s who they really are! What you see is what you get, in public or behind closed doors.

What makes them that way, and how can we all start living our lives a little more like they do?

These people are fulfilled, and it’s a way of life that we can all adopt for ourselves. It just requires taking on some of the traits of fulfilled people and living our lives intentionally. Here are five of their not-so-secret secrets.

1. They Have a Plan

Fulfilled people know where they want to go in life, and they know how to get there. Not only that, but they’re not bogged down in hopelessness that it’ll never happen.They’re full of hope for the future and optimistic that with hard work and prayer, they’ll see their plans become reality.

Related: 7 Types of Life Goals

2. They’re Full of Gratitude

Whether they’re making a salary of $30,000 or $300,000, fulfilled people are grateful for their lives and see them as a blessing from God. They don’t always long for the next, bigger, better thing. Instead, they celebrate their accomplishments and who they are nowrather than comparing themselves and their circumstances to others. They may not have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything. In short, their hearts are content.

3. They Don’t Let Money Control Their Lives

Sure, we all need money to survive. But here’s where fulfilled people differ from a lot of the rest of us: money doesn’t rule their lives. They take control of their finances rather than letting their finances control them. It’s an attitude shift that plays a huge role in our happiness! When we tell our money what to do, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat.

4. They’re Debt Free

Not only do fulfilled people take control of their money, but they take it one step further: They get debt-free. What’s the difference? People who choose not to worship money may still have debt, even though they’re probably on their way out. But those who have become completely debt-free reach a whole new level of fulfillment.

Not only is their attitude toward money different, but they’re actually able to live free of the bondage of bills, payments, interest and collectors. They can direct money toward other, bigger goals: emergency savings, retirement, a house, college, and generous giving. And when life throws them a curve ball, they’re ready because they have the money to hit back. Want to learn how to become debt free? Sign up for Financial Peace University now!

5. They’re Givers

Speaking of giving, the most fulfilled people are the most generous. After all, giving is the most fun you can have with money! They feel so blessed that they’re compelled to give to others.

Broke people can’t be generous, though, because they have no margin in their finances. The road to generosity starts when you begin to make a plan for your life and take control of your money.

And when you do all those things, feeling fulfilled in your life isn’t far off.”

We hope this sets you up on a path to a happier outlook on things.


Tax Breaks for Military Personnel

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Members of the Armed Forces put their lives on the line to defend our country and the values of freedom all over the world. For that they are offered a few incentives, like the VA hospitals and base housing, the GI Bill.

There are also tax breaks for Military personnel that not all Veterans and Active Duty personnel may know about.

For Example Military personnel who are on active duty in a combat zone are entitles to extensions on their tax returns. There are restrictions to this, so give us a call if you have a friend or family member in a combat zone.

If you have left the military and are entering the civilian work force, you may be able to deduct a portion of your job hunting expenses. Keep your receipts and a log of your various appointments for when it comes time to file your tax return.

When in a combat position, you are entitled to a higher compensation, or combat pay. Your W2 should only reflect your regular pay and deductions, not your combat pay.

In the state of Florida, disabled Veterans are also entitled to certain tax breaks on the real property as well. And many companies who are hiring are giving preference to our men and women who have served in the military.



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Dr. Google and Medicine

Medicine, and the practice of, has not been keeping up with the rest of the evolution in internet applications and technology that we hear so much about each week. Take a look and see what you think of this article from Forbes Magazine:

” How Mayo’s “Dr. Google” Deal Disrupts Medicine

Dr. Google GOOGL +1.27%” has joined the Mayo Clinic, quietly signaling a powerful disruption for all of medicine.0413_companies-google_650x455

Back in 1997 I wrote: “The information age is to medicine as the Protestant Reformation was to the Catholic Church.” The Church didn’t disappear when information once held tightly by the priesthood became widely available, but religion changed forever. Continue reading

Congrats to Vero Beach Girls Lacrosse

Florida’s top power-rated high school girls lacrosse team is headed to its 11th consecutive Final Four. Congratulations to the Girls Lacrosse team at Vero Beach High School.

20 Must Have Tools for Homeowners

DiSalvo and Company specializes in the accounting needs of homeowners, individuals and small business in central Florida.  We offer all types of accounting services including, Quickbooks set-up and training, bookkeeping, payroll services, tax planning and preparation, financial auditing, representation before the IRS,  business consulting, business advisory services, forensic accounting, estate planning.

In addition to our new Vero Beach location, DiSalvo & Co. maintains offices in Titusville, and Melbourne, Florida for your convenience.  We encourage you to call us to arrange a visit to our new space for a free consultation to see if we can help your business expand in Vero Beach.

Why Does February Only Have 28 Days?

Did you ever wonder why February only has 28 days? I mean why not borrow a couple days from greedy months that have 31? Did you ever ask how leap year came about. Here is a short video you might enjoy. It answers these, and many more good questions about the modern calendar.

This video is brought to you by the fine folks at DiSalvo and Company, CPA in Vero Beach, Florida. The team at DiSalvo and Company is constantly asking ourselves questions like these in an attempt to find new ways to make life easier and better for our clients in their business. If you would like to see if the team at DiSalvo and Company can make your business life a little easier please give us a call today at (772) 770-6008.

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Indian River Charter High School Choir to Perform at Carnegie Hall

Vero Beach CPA sponsors Indian River Charter High School ChoirYou may have seen the recent article in the TC Palm newspaper reporting that the Indian River Charter High School Choir will soon have the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.   The students along with music teacher Gary Miller will leave for New York City May 22nd, for a performance on May 25th.

Noted choral director John Rutter will direct the choir along with additional singers from across the country.  This will reportedly be John Rutter’s final appearance before his scheduled retirement.

Although this is not the first time a choir from a Vero Beach High School will perform at Carnegie Hall, it is the first time several of the 75 students have performed outside of Florida.  The trip will also include an opportunity for the students to visit New York City landmarks such as the empire state building, the campuses of New York University, and Julliard School of Music.

Vero Beach CPA sponsors Indian River Charter High School Choral GroupEach Student will be responsible for raising a portion of the cost of the trip.  The parents and association members have been busy planning fundraising events,  and seeking corporate sponsors.  On February 24, eleven “celebrity chefs” will participate in a special fund raiser at Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse to help support the trip.

DiSalvo and Co, CPA is happy to announce our support for this worthy cause.  If you are able to help in some way, please feel free to contact Peter DiSalvo at 772-770-6008.

To get you in the spirit please enjoy this video of the Concert Choir performing at the 28th Annual Invitational Choral Festival at the University of Florida.


To read the entire article in the TC Palm please click here.

Indian River Charter High School Choir to Perform at Carnegie Hall

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