Planning for Home Purchase

DiSalvo CPA, Melbourne, Vero Beach, Sebastian

Real Estate is once again an appreciating asset. If the stock market is not your thing, then investing in Real Estate could be a good avenue for investing your money. In a market like the one we are currently in, Real Estate Values are rising.

I say that, but I will also say that if you don’t invest in the right ways, you could lose everything. I am not advising you to invest in Real Estate, but if you think you would like to, please come see me first.

We will need to go over all of your assets, if you are self employed, we will need to make certain you will be able to qualify for a home purchase. Then we will to discuss the safest way for you to invest. There are costs to consider that you may know nothing about if you have never owned a home.

Not to be discouraging, because owning your own home can be a good investment. Here, in Vero Beach, rents have reached the point where it could actually be less expensive to pay a monthly mortgage than it is to pay rent.

Pete DiSalvo


Melbourne - Titusville - VeroBeach - Certified Public Accountant


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