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You’ve heard that song, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. They use it for Back to School time, it’s used for Christmas. In our case, this time of the year is often the most awful time of the year.

Couples who have been struggling for sometime in their marriage often stay together through the holidays, and then file for divorce at the beginning of the new year. On top of Tax Preparation time, it’s Forensic Accounting time!

Not everyone who needs forensic accounting needs it because one partner or the other has been dishonest. But that is the case more often than not. It is our job to pour through financial records and certify that both parties understand the financial standing of the other.

Sometimes the forensic accounting work is because another type of entity is breaking up. Partnerships, started with the best of intentions, may unravel and need to be dissolved. In that case, it is our job to move away from the emotions, and to turn a sharp eye on the books. To try to make a fair and equitable agreement for people who were once friends and partners.

All of this can be stressful, I admit. But feeling forever a victim of a partner who may have either been inept, or dishonest, that is worse.

Before you make any moves in the direction of divorce or dissolving a partnership. please consult with an attorney, and call an accountant. Sometimes things are not as bad as they seem, and if we are called in early, we can help keep things going. And sometimes, we can’t. At least once we are done, everyone will know where the money went.

Pete DiSalvo


Melbourne - Titusville - VeroBeach - Certified Public Accountant

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